Removing Negative Items From Your Credit Score

Knowing how to remove negative entries from your credit report is smart, especially if you plan to apply for a mortgage or car loan. Before seven years have passed, you can remove something from your credit history.

Whether you’re dealing with late payments, collections, charge-offs, or foreclosures, the techniques listed below can help you quickly repair your credit.

It can overwhelm you, yet Credit Repair of Phoenix has the right experts to help deal with this.

Check Credit Report for Inaccuracies

First, make sure negative entries don’t include inaccurate information. Most people’s credit reports contain some errors.Look for errors as an entry could be correct, yet it could contain inaccuracies.

The first step is to get a copy of your credit report from the main three credit bureaus and check for accuracy. 

Things to check

  • Account number.
  • Account status.
  • Balance.
  • Date opened.
  • Payment status.
  • High Balance.
  • Credit Limit.
  • Other errors.

Credit Repair of Phoenix can help find any errors in your report and help with your credit dispute letters.

Submit Credit Dispute Letters

Write a detailed dispute letter to all three major credit bureaus that details all the inaccuracies you found. You send this to the credit bureaus requesting they either fix inaccuracies or remove negative information.

FCRA demands credit bureaus can only report accurate information on credit reports. Some negative entries cannot be verified and must be removed.

Write Goodwill Letters

Once you can’t find errors or the credit bureaus have repaired any errors, your next step could be a goodwill adjustment.

Let the original creditor or collection agency know and ask to have a negative entry removed from your credit history.

A goodwill letter can be simple, yet using experts makes things far more manageable.

Describe your situation to the creditor, such as mortgage application, and struggle because of the entry. 

Negotiate a “Pay For Delete” Deals

For unpaid collection accounts or charge-offs, a pay-for-delete agreement will help remove the negative item from your credit report.Work by negotiating with creditor or debt collection agencies over the phone. If the creditor agrees, you need to offer to pay the debt.

This works for collection agencies, as they earn fixed sumson paid debts.The deal only takes place with a written agreement, so make sure you have proof after any phone negotiation.Ensure you pay nothing until you have the contract in hand.

Use Credit Repair of Experts to Help Remove Negative Items

Instead of sending dispute letters, goodwill, or negotiations, you could hire experts from Credit Repair of Phoenix to deal with it on your behalf. 

Credit experts know the Fair Credit Reporting Act to the slightest detail, and you are in excellent hands. 

Inaccurate information removed can happen faster by credit repair experts than if tackling this on your own, and besides this, you can find better results. Credit Repair of Phoenix knows how to deal with these deletion methods.

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