Collection Removal

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Collection Removal From credit report In Phoenix

Having collection accounts on your credit reports, and you'll need to get rid of them. By federal law, you should know that these can be reported for seven and a half years from the date you initially fell behind with the original creditor.

You'll have people on our collection teams who are experts in working with collecting debts and charge-offs and can help you get those entries erased from your credit report.

Getting a mortgage or auto loan could be one of these, and you can harm your credit rating and get information on paying your debts faster. Getting the collection agency to remove the account if you pay is easier said than done.

To start, you should have your credit reports and scores to understand what is being reported on them and how it affects your scores.

Credit Repair of Phoenix can help you remove and eradicate these entries from your credit report. You will quickly find out; we can handle your complaint, letter/goodwill deletion. If you act quickly, we can prevent this from affecting your rating.

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