Late Payment Removal

We’ll improve your credit score so you can get the finance to lead your best life.

Late Payment Removal

When you attend our overdue payment counseling program, you will get a greater grasp of the complexities of your credit report.

If missed payments are hurting your credit, we will use the most effective approaches to help you design a plan and get the resources you need to reclaim control of your finances.

We have a team of experienced counselors who can help you remove the delinquent paymentsfrom your credit report. In your specific situation, we help you determine the best course of action for getting out of debt.

Credit Repair of Phoenix provides all the expertise and abilities necessary to deal with overdue payments and other debt and credit concerns.

In such cases, a single late payment can have a significant negative time on your credit score practically instantly; therefore, you must act quickly. Aside from that, they can linger for a long time on your credit report.

We will do all possible to help you eliminate them, as a single late payment can lower your credit score by 90–110 points on a credit score of 780 and 60–80 points on a credit score of 680.

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